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-Designing a new you-


These classes included in Full Facility


Youth members 13–15 may take fitness classes if accompanied by an adult. No registration required.  Contact Tammy at ext.*184

All classes are 55 minutes unless otherwise noted.

* = Class Duration Varies


Total Body Conditioning (TBC)

A fast paced workout that combines intense cardio with strength training that will help to improve your overall level of fitness.


Boot Camp

Be Powerful –A workout that involves high intensity cardio featuring drills, circuits and weight training.


Power Sculpt

Give your body definition with this unique strength training workout.


Ball Workout

Stability, strength and balance is achieved on the physio ball using an array of fitness equipment. 



Lose yourself in the music and find yourself in shape at the original dance fitness party.  Classes feature exotic rhythms set to high-energy Latin and international beats.


Step It Up

Work it out on the step with a combination of high intensity cardio and weight training that challenges your endurance and strength.


Kick Boxing

A workout that uses kickboxing combinations in a variety of drills and exercises.


High Intensity Interval Training (H.I.I.T.)*

Fierce intervals of cardio and strength designed to push your body to the limit.


Running Club

Designed to bring runners of all abilities together.  Training takes place indoor or outdoor with a focus on speed work, interval training and endurance.


Studio Cycle*

Ride to be fit – Improve your cardiovascular fitness level with an inspiring group cycling experience.


Y’s way to 5K

A training program to help you cross the finish line.


Mind / Body

-To help find peace and feel good in your daily life-


Iyengar Yoga

75 minute class

Focuses on the subtleties of each posture.  Postures are held much longer so that participants can focus on their precise muscular and skeletal alignment.


Hatha Yoga 

Focuses on physical and mental strength using exercises and postures.


Vinyasa Yoga 

A style of yoga  during which postures flow from one movement to the next.   Special attention is paid to linking breath with movement.  There is an emphasis on standing postures.


Restorative Yoga

The Y’s restorative yoga program involves deep relaxing movements that help restore posture and balance.


Gentle  Yoga

This class is designed to be less strenuous than other yoga classes while still offering the benefits of flexibility and relaxation.  It gives an emphasis on modifications and understanding poses to help you get the most out of your yoga practice.


Mat Pilates*

Learn to move with ease and grace – This body conditioning routine will help you to build flexibility, muscle strength and endurance. Emphasis is placed on spinal alignment, breathing and a strong core center. Class duration varies.


IMX Pilates*  

Integrated Movement=Exercise – This comprehensive program combines floor work, resistance rings and body bars that will improve your muscular balance and strengthen your core.



The fundamentals of pilates are combined with a yoga flow, linking breath with movement to help you gain strength and flexibility.


Mat Pilates Fusion*

This class combines the best of pilates, yoga and ballet/barre. The participant utilizes various props to create long, lean muscles and a strong core for an overall body workout.


Tai – Chi

An ancient practice of Chinese Martial Arts that connect the mind and body featuring meditative flowing movements that helps to alleviate stress.


Moving For Better Balance

A unique Y class that focuses on fall prevention.  A moving series of 8 Tai-Chi forms helping to improve balance and coordination.


Roll and Release*

Using the creative foam roller tool, this workout helps to improve body awareness, strength and balance with the added benefit of releasing tight muscles through self massage.



Journey to relaxation- Gain the skills to quiet your mind bringing focus to your breath and relieve some stress.


* = Class Duration Varies


Active Older Adults (AOA)

-Live a Healthy Lifestyle at all Ages-


SilverSneakers Classic

Have fun and move to the music through a variety of exercises designed to increase muscular strength, range of movement and activities for daily living.  Hand-held weights, elastic tubing with handles, and a silver sneakers ball are offered for resistance.  A chair is used for seated and/or standing support.

Fit Workout